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In addition to her practice of family law, Ms. Seinturier is spreading the word about the collaborative process through a series of seminars for attorneys approved for California MCLE, and public speaking to groups interested in learning how to reduce conflict and expense, while promoting cooperation and trust.

Ms. Seinturier spoke at the 9th Annual International Conference on Conflict Resolution in St. Petersburg, Russia in May 2001 to a group of professionals from all over the world, presenting the principles of collaborative law. For most, it was the first time they had ever heard of the concept. Comments from participants include --
"It was very, very refreshing to hear about a method of practicing law where the emphasis is on finding what's best for the family and everyone involved, rather than concentrating on I-win-and-YOU-lose." -- Amy Norman, Austin TX

"This approach opens new ways for cooperation and deeper understanding of human relations." -- Galina Fiodorova, D.Sc., St. Petersburg, Russia

"I thought that law is something firm and unshakable which has nothing to do with human factor. I was glad to hear that lawyers think not only of the law but also of individuals." Victoria Bazhurina, St. Petersburg, Russia

"It came as a welcome surprise to see a more humane and effective approach to family law being promoted from within the ranks of attorneys themselves - one transcending the standard adversarial model so prone to leaving personal wreckage in its wake and such an unsightly stain on the legal profession." -- Mark Hovee, Ph.D., Kentucky, USA

"The traditional divorce process immediately puts the individuals in an adversarial position which often damages and destroys relationships. Collaborative law is an alternative process which enables families to work together in a team process which results in a solution that works for the best interests of all involved." -- Deborah Weber, psychotherapist

An advanced collaborative law training for professionals utilizing the conflict partnership process will be held in early 2003; location and time to be announced. The seminar will feature presentations by noted conflict resolution experts Dudley Weeks, Ph.D., and Carmina Sanchis-Ruescas of The Center for Effective Partnership. To receive updated information, click here.

Ms. Seinturier is available for training of professionals and for public speaking in your area. Inquiries are invited.

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