What is Dignified Divorce?
A Dignified Divorce is a process of ending a marriage that respects the individuals involved as decent human beings who once loved each other and now are going their separate ways. A Dignified Divorce is based upon the collaborative process, in which both parties sit down together to come to an agreement based on everyone knowing all of the facts. Because the effort is to create a win-win result, the collaborative process is faster and less expensive, and it requires less healing afterwards.

Is Dignified Divorce the right course for you
In most cases, collaboration will work; both parties have to be willing to participate in the process of discovering the best resolution together. It often requires some strength of character to forgive the reasons that brought an end to the marriage, and to remember the respect and affection once held for the other person. Sometimes, however, and mostly from habit, people want to hold onto their anger and pain and use the legal process to punish the other person. Punishment is not a part of the collaborative process.

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